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Friday, October 1, 2010

Pacquiao Must Avoid Margarito's Trap

BAGUIO CITY — Freddie Roach wants Manny Pacquiao to turn Antonio Margarito into a virtual punching bag on Nov. 13 at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.

In another sizzling session at the Shape Up Boxing Gym on Naguillan Road on Friday afternoon, Roach and Pacquiao continued to exchange notes on how to beat Margarito with the master emphasizing movement and the pupil acknowledging it.

“Don’t stay in front of him because he will hit you,” Roach told the Filipino pound-for pound king in between hitting the mitts.

Roach said Margarito will invite Pacquiao into a trap by giving him the green light to unleash combinations but Pacquiao has to be extra-careful after doing so because Margarito will counter as soon as he unloads.

Pacquiao did what he was told but the student added another dimension to the game plan, showing his teacher how to cleverly evade punches while hitting with pin-point accuracy.

“Good, Manny,” said Roach, whose accent is on preventing Margarito from loading as much as he possibly could.

“Don’t take two punches in order to land three,” said Roach, stressing that Pacquiao can easily win the scheduled 12-round fight for the vacant World Boxing Council super-welterweight crown without taking punishment from the Mexican mauler.

“Move, move away,” hollered Roach as Pacquiao wisely switched punching positions, spots where he could strike Margarito cleanly on the head and body.

“He will fall for you,” said Roach, assuring Pacquiao that the slow-footed Margarito will always find himself in an awkward position to be struck by one of Pacquiao's power shots.

Pacquiao did a total of 13 rounds with the mitts, taking a break only after the 12th round.

Before reporting to the gym, Pacquiao did his morning roadwork in a rugged portion of a village located off the beaten path.

Since Pacquiao is scheduled to hold his second sparring session on Saturday, he will jog at Burnham Park.

Pacquiao actually went four rounds with Glen Tapia, a Dominican Republic native from New Jersey instead of Michael Medina and Medina said the session was intense and Tapia gave a good account of himself.


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